Larry’s Garage Takes Us Back to Paradise

Watch a new documentary on classic disco Paradise Garage and the king who held court there, Larry Levan.

A new documentary sheds light on the story of Larry Levan and the iconic New York City club where he held court.

Larry’s Garage is a new documentary by Corrado Rizza which takes us back to the Paradise Garage and features with Arthur Baker, Barbara Tucker, Boy George, Danny Krivit, David Mancuso, David Morales, François K., Louie Vega, Lenny Fontana, Paul Oakenfold, Ray Caviano, Tony Humphries and more.

Larry’s Garage was originally slated to make its London Premiere at the Brixton Disco Festival last May, though the event was postponed until October.

The documentary was born from an interview with Larry Levan that Rizza discovered on YouTube. “Corrado began coproducing the movie with Claudio Napoli and Massimo Mascolo, two fellow Italians videomakers who just moved to NYC,” a release notes. “For four years, they worked to reconstruct Larry’s story and the story of the “Garage” through original and archive footage.”

The Paradise Garage opened in 1977 and it was a legendary club where Larry Levan showed his creative genius for ten years. He was so creative that he turned his club into a temple of music. Larry died prematurely in 1992, at the age of 38… Understanding what Larry represented for many people and for the entire club culture was the primary goal. Unfortunately, they discovered that many of his friends were gone. Many because of AIDS that affected the gay community so severely in the 80’s. However, they managed to find people between New York City, Los Angeles, London, Rome and Miami willing to share their experiences and memories about Larry and the “Garage.” They were able to interview more than 40 people and along the way they found more exclusive videos.


The documentary can be watched right now via Video-On-Demand from Vimeo.

Larry's Garage Documentary