Gene Farris


01: We last caught up with you in April 2008. You’ve been back in Chicago for more than a year now; what have you been up to on the local tip?

I do a residency every six weeks at Boom Boom Room Mondays at Green Dolphin; we’ve brought in DJ Heather, Mark Farina, Kevin Saunderson, JT Donaldson and others. I’m also going to be starting a bi-monthly Fridays at Martini Ranch; the first date is February 20. So you’ll be able to see me at least once a month in Chicago.


02: Promoting gigs as well as playing them, what advice do you have?

First, support your own town. Check a DJ’s crate and count how many Chicago records they have. It’s essential that Chicago supports Chicago. We have so much talent here, and if one headliner isn’t working, try two or three! But even in this economic situation, we have to look forward and understand that no matter who you are, helping the scene is helping yourself.


03: What was the last record you bought, and the last Chicago event you attended when you weren’t playing?

I can tell you that right off the bat: Nivek Tsay’s “Feeling Loose”, the original mix on i Records. The last event I attended that I wasn’t playing at was either Derrick Carter at Boom Boom Room or it was DJ Heather at SmartBar.


04: Everyone has some connection with the new president. Do you have a “Six Degrees of Obama” connection?

Actually, I do! A friend of mine that I went to grammar school with works as a driver at President Obama’s favorite pizza place, Italian Fiesta. He used to deliver pizza, knock on the door and Obama would pay for it.


05: What new music projects do you have coming up?

My new album Revolution 09 is dropping the first week of February. Check that out! On the remix side, I’ve got an edit on the new Justin Long and Mazi release on .dotbleep called “Wasted Chicago Youth” and Bear Who?’s “The Blaze” on Dust Traxx.