Daley Padley, better known as Hot Since 82, recently graced the decks of Chicago’s SpyBar launching his North and Latin American tour. The Leeds-based artist has been keeping busy both with his Knee Deep label as well as the release of his CD compilation Knee Deep in Sound. With only two years behind his belt using this new moniker, he has already established several Beatport No. 1s, graced the cover of Mixmag and released two Essential Mixes.


Your US tour so far… how has it been treating you? Any differences you notice between Chicago, LA, New York and Vegas?

I really enjoy playing in the States, always feel the love when I’m here. There’s a huge difference between the cities of course. Chicago is the home of House Music and you can feel it when you play, but then NYC is also amazing – so much club history there. LA is a different vibe – everyone’s out for a good time. As for Vegas, it’s still in the early stages for underground music but of course everyone is there for the party.


“Bigger Than Prince” propelled what was already your meteoric rise… How did you start collaborating with Green Velvet? I love the fact that Curtis likes to work with newer and younger talent and the chemistry with him always works!

This came about from Yousef sending me a load of new material that was to be included on one of his Circus comps. He said, “Take your pick for a remix,” and “Bigger Than Prince” just jumped out head and shoulders above the rest. Caj is such a unique artist and to be able to work with some of his vocals was a real privilege. We’ve become great friends too and he’s ended up performing the track with me in various clubs around the world. I believe the first time was actually in Spybar!


In your bio it said you would play 12-13 hour Sunday sets at 17 years old? How does that even happen with someone so young?

Crazy days, it was every Sunday in my home town of Barnsley. Everyone was either still out from the night before or just out for a crazy afternoon in the sun. Northerners don’t mess around when it comes to the rave!


I’m interested too in the story of your DJing some of the bigger clubs when you were younger, which eventually caused you to take a break for a couple of years. Was it a sound and vibe you felt that wasn’t really you?

I used to DJ under my birth name Daley Padley. I didn’t achieve half of where I am now with Hot Since 82 but I still got to play regularly in Ibiza and NYC. It was a great experience for a young man but I ended up tiring from it. I was playing certain clubs, but if I wanted to go out and let my hair down I’d end up going out to different clubs so I hung up the headphones for a while. There’s no doubt that experience has kept me level-headed about this next episode. I understand how things work and what is genuinely important.


With regards to your Knee Deep label, what do you mean by cultivating those with a vinyl sound? Any new discoveries that you’d love to share with us?

Running a label is always something I’ve wanted to do. It came to a point last year when I was getting so much music sent though, a lot of which was unsigned and this stuff was seriously good so I wanted to do something about it. Also I’ve been in situations where I’m making music and struggling to find a home for it. So it almost felt like it was my duty. One act to look out for is Several Definitions!


I like your spirit and your ingenuity… last month you kidnapped some of your fans for something called “Taken”. Where do you come up with all of this? It’s good to see that you have a genuine love for your fans and like to engage with them.

TAKEN was incredible, we dreamed up the idea based on wanting to give something more to the fans. There’s so much to choose from in terms of clubs and music which is great but it’s almost always the same format so we wanted to do something immersive, strange and essentially something that people wouldn’t forget. We plan to take TAKEN around the world, so stay tuned!


And to continue in that vein, you’re broadcasting live with something called “Knee Deep at Home” to fans that pre-ordered your album?

Yes indeed, more of the same of giving something extra to the true fans. So everyone who signed up in advance (like with TAKEN) got the chance to get their hands on the signed CDs and also entry to Knee Deep At Home, which is a private house party streamed from my living room. Things could go a little nuts! I like to try new things out.


Every time a DJ from Europe comes to Chicago, they all insist on having a Chicago deep dish pizza. Have you had the honor?

No, I haven’t but it sounds great! The first time I came to Chicago, we went to this great Asian fusion place, food was great but I ended up coming out in a rash 60 minutes before I was due to play. I had a bit of a freak out but it all worked out in the end and I lived to play another day!