It’s been a long time in our to-do list to get Brazilian Producer and DJ Meme over to Chicago, where dates just never seemed to come together. But finally through serendipity the constellations have aligned and he is gracing Chicago decks for the very first time this coming Friday June 15 2012 at Crimson Lounge. The venue couldn’t be more perfect… elegant, sumptuous, chic and luxurious… very much like his music.

Meme you’re finally playing Chicago for the first time! How is it that you have never played a city that is so perfect for you?

Oh dear… the crib of House Music… the crowd… the story… the places… the original DJs that go to see if you’re mixing the tracks the way they expect you to… lol. I’m not a kid, and not even new in this business as you probably know, and I don’t bother with that anymore, but, Chi-town… damn… I’m shakin’ in my boots, and proud of myself at the same time. But I like this feeling. It pushes me on.

I have to say that playing in Chicago was never a part of my plans but now, I really feel it’s my time to go, especially because I made so many friends there, and that makes a big difference. Now I already feel comfortable and why not say ‘at home’ even before I get there!

What are your impressions of Chicago?

I’ve always been impressed by what people say about Chicago, its beauty and the nice people. Such a shame I’ll stay less than 24 hours because I have a gig in New York the next day, but I hope this is not the last time.

What is the first thing you will do when you arrive here? What will be the last thing?

First: Walk the streets, because that’s how you know a place, and if possible, check some historical places like the spot where The Warehouse used to be. Oh c’mon my peeps! I know it sounds extremely cheesy, but am I the first DJ to do it??

Last: Make the night last the maximum as possible, have a pizza then, sleep tight! I love to sleep after a great night. Feels like a trophy!

After our gig you are heading out to New York to play with Mr. V? Any other work lined up there? I always see you talk about the great Tom Moulton.

Well I’m here in NY right now, and I just have been with Tom Moulton last Monday. It was the first thing I did when I got here. Actually, it was me and Dimitri From Paris. It’s becoming usual for us to travel together to NY at least once a year, and going to see Tom is always our main attraction.

Dimitri introduced me to Tom, and we became good friends all over the years. He’s like an uncle to us. We love to stay at his apartment, listening to his new mixes (yes, he’s still on duty), his rare multitracks and his old stories. It’s something you can call a great event and he loves it! Everytime we go, we spend like 8 hours there including the dinner, and trust me it’s worth it! There’s always something new to learn from that man.

Some other things are lined up, like the DEF MIX party on Thursday the 14th, to release David Morales’ new album which I had the honor to remix one of the tracks. Our dear Frankie Knuckles is going to be DJing also, along with Hector Romero. And I’ll finally meet Judy Weinstein in person, which I love and always makes me laugh with her emails, though we never saw each other. Can’t wait for that.

Your taste in music is impeccable! Give us 3 artists that we should be aware of that we may be sleeping on?

First one, there’s a girl called Adele lol. I’m kidding!

I’m sure that 5 Magazine knows mostly of the artists that are in action today, so I’m not gonna risk to hear “Oh that’s very known.” But I’ve been digging The Copasetics lately. They are really doing music the way I like. On the House side, Gigamesh has been impressing me. And last but not least, an old and excellent Spanish group is finally rising up worldwide, The Wagon Cookin’. I recommend!

Give a shout out to your Chicago fans and tell them what they can look forward to!

My fellow househeads, I promise that you’ll see the happiest DJ alive on this Friday at The Crimson Lounge, and the result of that happiness is going to make you happy too! There’s nothing like a happy and satisfied DJ at the booth to make a great night 🙂

By the way Czarina, I have to thank you for your and 5 Magazine’s support, otherwise nothing would be happening! I’m glad we’re together on this.