Josh Milan has filled up 5 Mag’s pages with his never-ending work. And here he is again, this time not only with his first solo full length album, but also a book to go with it:

So you’ve been grinding nonstop with Honeycomb I see! I was so impressed by your last project honoring Black History Month! That was certainly quite a feat getting all that talent in one album.

It’s a labor of love Czarina. I enjoy working with our artists. Most of them are singers and songwriters just like me and we’re all trying to make a mark on this earth with our music. We’ve become quite a family.

I like the fact that everyone feels the love from each other musically. There are no feelings of competition at Honeycomb, so making a Black History Project or any project with the artists from Honeycomb is very easy to do.

What is the significance of the numbers of your album and what’s the impetus behind this project?

The title 6.9.69 (June 9th, 1969) is my birthday. My beginning. The day I came to be. This album feels just like that. I’ve been doing music professionally for 30 years yet this album feels like a new beginning. I feel like a new artist because in many ways, I am just that. Soulful House Music lovers are aware of the music I’ve done. However this album features elements of Jazz, classic Pop, easy listening, classic Soul, sad songs and other sounds that my following have not heard from me. It’s my first solo project. EVER!

The book…dare I ask what it’s about? Details please! Maybe even a little chapter preview? 🙂

The book is really a coffee table type of book. It’s a collection of songs I’ve written, and a few thoughts written creatively. Almost a sort of journal. I enjoy blogging and posting the blogs on my social network pages.

So my next book will be a collection of my blogs and experiences while on the road.

In one of our interviews together you talked about the challenges of running your own label and how expensive it can be. Would you recommend other producers getting their own label together in order to really portray their musical vision?

I think the ONLY way for any producer or songwriter to fully appreciate what it takes for a recording to be successful in terms of sales, or even record buzz, is to release their music independent of any structured label. Artists, songwriters, producers and the like should start their own labels, and learn that side of the industry. That way, they will have a better understanding of a record label’s position. Their expectations will be more reasonable. And their career will flow smoother with a better understanding of how things work.

When music is signed to a label, the entire project is compromised. It becomes a joint venture. Even musically, the label now has a say. So the vision is now a shared one.

My biggest issue with Honeycomb is the expectations of some artists. Sometimes artists can be a little dreamy. They feel like singing is all they need to do, and the label will make stardom happen. In today’s music industry, the artist is needed to be proactive in his or her success.

When music is signed to a label, the entire project is compromised. It becomes a joint venture. Even musically, the label now has say in what they want or expect from the producer/artist that they sign. So the vision is now a shared one.

I feel like I need to make it out to New York on March 30th, the show sounds amazing! Who is in your band and will the show consist of all of the new songs or will you be doing a mix of both?

The show will be an amazing one. I’ll be singing songs from the new project and maybe one or two familiar jams. My band features Selan Lerner on keys, Dawn Tallman on background vocals and both have very successful careers as solo artists. Torrin Howard will be on Bass and Bryce Thompson is on drums. They are amazing musicians. I want you to come. It’s a milestone in my career.

And are you coming back to Chicago anytime soon?

Chicago has always shown me love. I felt like I’ve reached the top of the mountain of soulful House music stages when I was invited to sing at The Chosen Few Picnic last year. So I plan to bring my band to Chicago and do what we love.

Josh’s CD/Book release party at Cielo, 18 Little W. 12th St NYC on March 30th 10PM. He’ll be performing songs from the album with his band. Cover is only $10 and the double cd, “6•9•69” will be $20.

For booking inquiries, please contact


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