Kerri Chandler: BarAThym (5MagLove)

5 Magazine staff select our favorite tracks ahead of his appearance at Smart Bar on April 23, 2016.

Kerri Chandler: BarAThym (Foremost Poets Vocal Edit)

I’m a softie for a cowbell. Shit, I’m a softie for percussion! While I’m at it, I love builds in a song… you know that moment when you’re at a peak but then you get taken to a higher level than you thought possible… but you did?!

In essence, the previous three sentences capture my core in reflecting on my “affair” over the years with “Bar A Thym.” Squelchy with delightful acid notes and that signature Kerri Chandler progressive chord structure, it just envelops you. For the dancers out there, this is one of those tracks that will make you close your eyes and feel as though there is only you and this song in the room.

Now, purists may challenge and say that the original all-instrumental version is THE one. While I admit to being a vocal junkie, I also love me some great instrumentals. But with all of that said, Foremost Poets aka Johnny Dangerous provides the PERFECT foil in his Vocal Edit as he respectfully adds just enough accent to this classic composition. And appropriately, Johnny began his career as a resident DJ with Kerri at Club America in ’89. His deep and resonant spoken word intonation and timing is spot-on and his commands will make you “MOVE” and “… throw your hands up…”! Timeless, classic, and deep it is mind-fuck yet mindful; dark and yet bittersweet. Whether you have or haven’t had the pleasure – you must make more THYM for it… always and in all ways! [ DEL ]


5MagLove: Our Favorite Kerri Chandler Tracks

Kerri Chandler: BarAThym [DEL]
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Kerri Chandler: Atmosphere [Terry Matthew]
Kerri Chandler: House Is House [Dustin Kinney]
Kamar: I Need You (50% Dub) [Czarina Mirani]
Dick Dickler: The Drive [DEL]


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