Kerri Chandler: House Is House (5MagLove)

5 Magazine staff select our favorite tracks ahead of his appearance at Smart Bar on April 23, 2016.

Kerri Chandler: House Is House

Real recognizes real and this record is an example of how heroes are made. When the little guys aren’t “allowed” to be frustrated or to call bullshit on how whack the game is sometimes, we cheer the ones up top who never sold their souls and still speak from the heart. No one gets a pass here: pop divas who need a club remix, superstar DJ producers who can’t turn on a machine, sell outs who forgot what kind of music they came from, the genre dividers and category creators blinding the masses to what’s simply a matter of what’s good and what’s bad.

House is just house yo! It always will be. Kerri put this one out in 2010. Before SFX. Before Skrillex. Six years later and (finally) the EDM bubble is deflating. Avicii is retiring. I haven’t had to endure a Paris Hilton article in ages. It’s about time to get back to the program, right?

In truth it doesn’t matter much what the future looks like just so long as the sounds are good. There’s nothing fancy about this record, but it sounds phenomenal. It’s as solid of a loop as you can get. The kind you can let go for ten minutes without getting winded. Good drums, throw in a nice little breakdown and that’s all you need! Simple. True. House. That’s Kerri for you. [ Dustin Kinney ]


5MagLove: Our Favorite Kerri Chandler Tracks

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