Kerri Chandler: I Need You (5MagLove)

5 Magazine staff select our favorite tracks ahead of his appearance at Smart Bar on April 23, 2016.

Kamar: I Need You (50% Dub)

If there were to be one signature song to describe my sound, it would be this song, hands down. I love it, I live it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

Featuring the vocals of Maryam Abdulahad (aka Kamar), this gem came out in 1993 under Madhouse Records Inc, which was a joint venture between Kerri and Mel Medalie’s Champion Records. It had different versions with the Original Style, the Mad Vocal, the Big Bad Dub, the 6:23 Again, the 50% Club mix and the 50% Radio mix. The Dub at 126 bpm is the most dynamic and driving of all the versions. Kamar’s vocals have a similar sound to those of La India with her ability to hit the highest of notes with power and soul. This is a song that you play at peak hour, when the energies are at their zenith and ready to release. [ Czarina Mirani ]


5MagLove: Our Favorite Kerri Chandler Tracks

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