Kerri Chandler: It’s You (5MagLove)

5 Magazine staff select our favorite tracks ahead of his appearance at Smart Bar on April 23, 2016.

Kerri Chandler: It’s You

This song has always had a special place in my heart. In 2010 I spent an entire Summer editing 41 separate videos of DJ interviews in celebration of 5 Magazine’s fifth anniversary. The 42nd video was the longest and most complicated one, as I tried to encapsulate the entire 5 Magazine/Chicago party experience within a 20 minute period. I searched high and low for different songs to represent different parts of the video.

“It’s You” was the perfect combination of reminiscence and nostalgia without sounding dated. Coming from Kerri Chandler’s Trionisphere (Part 2) EP on King Street Sounds in 1996, it was accompanied by “Come Home (Drum & Bass Raw Shit)” on the A side, and rounded out by the B side with “Come Home” and “It’s You” (the Kaoz Dub). Featuring Dee Dee Brave & Freddy Turner on vocals, it’s got that 6am-and-the-party-is-still-going-strong feel to it. It’s when the energy on the floor is less frenetic and the vibe starts to wind down and become more intimate.

I first heard this song when I would bump Kerri’s live at Club Yellow in Japan CD, and I never quite got past the first song without hitting the rewind button to repeat it over and over. I’m sure you can figure out what that first song was. [ Czarina Mirani ]


5MagLove: Our Favorite Kerri Chandler Tracks

Kerri Chandler: BarAThym [DEL]
Kerri Chandler: It’s You [Czarina Mirani]
Kerri Chandler: Atmosphere [Terry Matthew]
Kerri Chandler: House Is House [Dustin Kinney]
Kamar: I Need You (50% Dub) [Czarina Mirani]
Dick Dickler: The Drive [DEL]


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