The 100th release from Closer To Truth is a milestone and a memorial, a vibrant example of incredible music from one of the array of artists that the label has popularized and a tribute to one of them in particular.

Firefly by Conrad marks an artist at the peak of their creative powers, achieving a potency, a punchiness and an irresistible groove that is essential to Closer To Truth tracks. Unfortunately, it is also a posthumous release: Conrad took his own life before the Firefly EP was released.

The label was in the process of working together with Conrad when he took his own life, Closer To Truth founder David Nicol told 5 Mag. While processing this staggering loss, the label has still “been keen to still showcase Conrad’s music and talent to the world so his sound can be heard and enjoyed by all.”

The label worked with Conrad’s family; his father, Richard Colson, composed the artwork for Firefly.

“Conrad was always composing and searching out intricate combinations of rhythm, melody, and vocals, layering these in imaginative temporal soundscapes,” Richard Colson says. “Conrad is no longer with us but he has left an astonishing number of songs that should now reach a wider audience. He was driven to create musically throughout his life and in this sphere, he excelled and was able to set to one side aspects of his life that caused him distress.”

His father describes Conrad’s music with an artist’s eye. “The human voice was important,” he writes, “as it becomes intertwined with his percussive undertones. This tessellation of voice and instrumental elements seems to keep remaking itself on each hearing and the initial simplicity conceals a hidden depth in each composition.”

Conrad’s music was originally introduced to Closer To Truth by Crackazat, who with Elliot Hollins has contributed remixes to the Firefly EP. All tracks on Firefly are credited to all three artists.

And while we’re thinking of Conrad and urging you to check out his music, we are also thinking about you. The music industry is often unfeeling and unfriendly to people who are struggling. Please reach out for help if you are also struggling. In our time we’ve known and covered several artists who have taken their own life. Each and every one of them didn’t know how much love they had. You have no idea how loved you are. Please reach out to a friend, a family member or dial 988.

Conrad’s posthumous EP ‘Firefly‘ is available now from Closer To Truth. Photo courtesy of Richard Colson.