Oh man is this the truth. More good music from Pittsburgh – hotbed of American electronic music that it is – with a comp put together under the banner of a new imprint, “MISC,” and featuring an eclectic mix of names new to me and maybe to you too.

The compilation, MISC-001, is currently a “name your price” download on Bandcamp where you can dive in and stream the whole thing before you buy.

The sounds range from a chill sort of Hip Hop and Downtempo to an ambient techno sort of vibe – out of the 7 tracks here, Telavision’s “Noisey” and Yaeji’s “What They’re Playing” settle into my wheelhouse but this is fairly subjective – Ondo’s crisp and electrifying “El Vaho,” Slowdanger’s “Walking In Circles,” Ivies’ “Covet-1” and Tom McConnell’s “mothEATEN chords” all have something going for them.

This dropped August 11 on Bandcamp.