On the heels of his upcoming show at the Mid in Chicago, MK (aka Marc Kinchen) is riding the wave of his BBC Radio1hit “Piece of Me” with Becky Hill.

With over 20 back to back tour dates that kicked off in April, Marc Kinchen will be busy playing across North America and Europe for his AREA10: The Warm Up Sessions Tour. Considered one of the most prolific producers of his time, he has left his indelible mark on artists such as Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith, Hot Natured, Rudimental and the Pet Shop Boys…


It looks like you’ve been keeping really busy with your remixes, your group and now your AREA10 label. How was performing with your group PLEASURE STATE been for your artistically?

I’ve had to turn a lot of remixes down over the last six months, because I have been on album lockdown. I did manage to fit in a few though like my remixes of “Say A Prayer” by RUFUS DU SOL, my remix for Diplo & Sleepy Tom’s “Be Right There,” “The Pop Kids” for The Pet Shop Boys, along with a few others that are coming out soon – I might play them this weekend.

Pleasure State is my project with Anabel Englund and Chicago’s own Lee Foss, we haven’t played all that much as we try to keep it special, but when we do its always great to be with them.

I didn’t realize the story of how you initially hooked up with the Hot Creations guys was that you spun for them at a party in 2010, they gave you stems for a song that you initially just sat on for several months and then realized it was a song you had been playing a lot of! I guess from then on the working relationship really moved forward?

It was a very different way that we met, for sure. Lee hit me up on Facebook, he and Jamie Jones invited me to DJ at their annual party in Miami we hit it off immediately, and have never looked back.



I know it was only recently that you started really really DJing, probably what…5 years? What things have you observed and learned from that time in terms of what to play and what the crowd responds to? How much of your own productions do you play in a set?

I have not been DJing as long as most of the other guys, but its fresh and new I am really enjoying the process. I play a lot of stuff on the fly, using my own mixes and tunes in with other productions from artists I like, but I change what I am playing if it does not feel right in the moment.

Tell us in your own words about your AREA10 label and your new album that you’re working on.

AREA10 is the name of the label I had in the ’90s, I recently decided I wanted to relaunch it and put my new album on it, as well as showcase some of the artists that I’ve worked with on the AREA10 stages we’ve done at festivals all over the world.

The album is almost finished, the latest single with Becky Hill, “Piece of Me” is out now. Anabel is featured on the album, as are Camelphat and a bunch of other surprises that will be revealed very soon.

MK will be playing at the Mid on Friday, April 8th 2016