Nothing sensitive or subtle about this one. Mystic Bill – the man who DJ’d for your favorite DJ’s DJ – teams up with German label Snuff Trax for the forthcoming EP U Won’t C Me. The original is a hall of mirrors, a monotone vocal over an overwhelming array of synths coming through in waves and percussion thumping away like a rusty metronome. “Like A Dream In The Night” is another nightcrawler jam, almost a remix. But particularly mindblowing on the record of a man who has fried his share of heads is a ferocious acid remix from Jake Reif.

Top of the line stuff right here, and I’m only a little disappointed they didn’t try to pass this off as a hoax “lost” record from the vaults. I would have bought that hook, line and kick. The spirit of ’88 is alive and well and in the bloodstream of this record, which drops in October 2015.