For the second part of our celebration of Motech Records nearly 20 year history, we’re going into the belly of the beast with some Detroit lore as DJ 3000 walks us through the story behind four classic cuts from the Motech Records back catalog.


Bus Stop In Budapest (Gary Martin)

“To have Gary Martin on our label was on the top of our list because his music and label inspired us so much. ‘Bus Stop In Budapest’ is an amazing song and sounds like nothing else I’ve heard, and still sounds fresh today. I’ll never forget asking Gary to do an EP for us, and when I went to his house over in South Warren and he played me this track I shit myself.”


Hotel Oasiz (DJ 3000 / Robert Hood Remix)

“Back in 2012 we celebrated 10 years of Motech and what better way than to have Robert Hood remix one of your tracks? I just remember sending Robert the track and waiting for the remix with great anticipation. When I got the remix I couldn’t have asked for anything better, Rob’s remix is fire! The rest of the EP also features remixes from Ken Ishii and Samuel L Session.”


Belly Dancer (Gerald Mitchell)

“When I started Motech three people were very key in my growth as a producer: Mike Banks from UR, Ade Mainor aka Mr De from Electrofunk and Gerald Mitchell from UR/Los Hermanos. Gerald was only making music for UR/Los Hermanos at the time and one day I walk into work at Submerge and I hear this tune from Gerald’s studio was located and I ran upstairs like WTF is that?

“I had to have this on Motech and the vibe was a perfect blend of Middle Eastern rhythms with pure Detroit techno funk. This is a song you either love it or hate but with Motech our goal was always to push the ethnic boundaries and Gerald’s ‘Belly Dancer’ track is a testament to that.”


Midnight Express (DJ 3000 & Esteban Adame / Ben Sims Remix)

“I hooked up with Esteban Adame from UR/Los Hermanos with this idea of a track I had in mind after watching the movie ‘Midnight Express.’ I sent the track over the Esteban about 90% finished and kinda told him the idea I was going for with the lead synth, and when he sent it back it was absolutely perfect. I thought to myself, I think Ben Sims would be a guy that could strip it down and make a killer remix and of course he did!”