At the tender age of 26, Deep House producer Steve Mill has an absolutely staggering number of releases out. He recently impressed the hell out of me with his full-length album Higher State Impressions and I just had to talk to him about it.

There’s no significance to the title, he told me. “I just wanted to give a big, warm feel to the album’s title and I think I’ve made it. ‘Impression’ is the keyword here: something like questioning the listener. ‘Do you believe you’ve been impressed enough by what you’ve listened to?’

I certainly was. With the opening burst of crowd noise, the album virtually reaches through the speakers, grabs you by the collar and demands your attention. “I like my music to become a picture into the listener’s eyes. Making just purposeless beats was never my intent. Every single moment in a musical composition should have its own meaning. Starting off with such an intro… really helped me to go in that direction where the listener focuses, remembers, smiles and gets ready for what is coming up right after.”

And is there more than a funny idea behind the title of the luscious “Are You Bored Yet”?

“No, it’s actually [just] that. I love to be sarcastic in my real life and I like to do that often with my music as well, so asking the audience whether they are bored yet from the 4th track of the album or not, is actually quite that kind of behavior.

“Apparently I was not bored yet in that point since that’s where the housey side of the album comes in.”

Higher State Impressions was released on Urban Torque; available from Beatport and just about everywhere.


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