This coming weekend (June 22, 23rd and 24th, noon to 9pm every day), Harmonie Park in Detroit will host TEC-TROIT, a free three day festival with DJs from across the spectrum of electronic music.

5 Mag had a brief chat with one of the organizers, DJ Roach, on the motivations behind and spectacles of the second year of Detroit’s homegrown music festival.

How many years have you been doing TEC-TROIT and who’s involved behind the scenes? Are you all from Detroit yourselves?

This is Tec-Troit’s 2nd year. It’s myself (Raul “DJ Roach” Rocha) and Heather Raye that are putting this event on. I put the event together, getting the talent, sound system and promotions. She helps with funding the event.

I’m from Detroit, born and raised. I started DJing in 1988 with my brother. I still use vinyl and occasionally I will have a CDJ on hand, but NO LAPTOP! I play Techno and mix in some House tunes also. I am also the newest member of Underground Resistance, my 1st releases will be out soon.

What was your motivation to get TEC-TROIT underway?

The first few DEMFs are my motivation, they were free and had alot of local talent. Now it’s called Movement and they charge a ton of money and feature a lot of international acts. Also they seem to have a select few locals that play Movement every year when there is so much local talent here in Detroit that would love to be apart of Movement.

It’s still a great festival and I’ve gone to every one except for the last 2 because of my daughter’s travel softball. I just want to possibly let virgin ears to hear this type of music that would not pay for an event or show like this, like the 1st few DEMFs. People from all different genres of music came to check out the fest.

It sounds like this is a homegrown/grassroots affair, moreso than an international festival like Movement – and you’re showcasing a wide variety of styles outside of Techno?

Yes that is very accurate – this festival is about showcasing local talent. I wanted a bit of every type of electronic beats. I even have one dude playing hip hop instrumentals he produced himself.

I first heard about this from Underground Resistance. Are Mike and the crew involved?

I am the newest member of UR but as far as planning and organizing the event, UR is not involved. But I have sat down with Mike and Cornelius and they had some helpful hints. By next year it may be a different story.

Are you expecting many out of towners in attendance this year?

Last year we had quite a few out of towners attend Tec-Troit because it was held during Movement weekend. This year it’s a month later. I know a few folks comming from Ohio, Illinois and Canada but I’m not anticipating a swarm of peeps from all over. I hope so, though.

You have the schedules posted, is there any other info you’d like me to pass on?

Just that TEC-TROIT is a FREE 3 day festival of electronic music from local DJ’s/Artists. Slammin’ lineup for this year’s event, some of the best talent in the ‘D’. So come on down and check out some of your favorite local DJs throw down. Brought to you by electronic music, June 22, 23 and 24, 12p-9p each day, Harmonie Park downtown Detroit. Thank you.