Terry Grant is one of the most unique vocalists working in electronic music today – pretty much everything that he sings on (and/or writes) is worth a listen and probably an impulse buy. The American singer’s collaboration with Luke Solomon, “Sinner’s Blood,” was timeless in a way that few House Music records really are – more like a pop song disguised by a 4/4 beat and an irresistible groove, the music wrapped around Grant’s chewed up and textured vox like an animal cornered and prepared to strike.

This week he’s teamed up with Spiritchaser, the supergroupish duo made up of UK producers Mark Bamford and 5 Mag hero Richard Earnshaw, for “Dancing In My Head.” It’s a three track release featuring two remixes by the gang of a dreamy original mix – in particular, the “Backstreet Shuffle,” which I’ve had circulating in a loop with five classic songs for the last week.

“Dancing In My Head” will be out later on this week from Guess Records.