The Midwest massive gets better with age – just glance at any credible chart from week to week and you’ll see new records from House Music and Techno producers who came of age in the Rust Belt in the 1990s and have produced some of their best work in the ’10s.

One of those producers is Dan Curtin, who has brought back the brilliant Midwest imprint Metamorphic. Situated in Ohio, Dan had an incredible vantage point to observe what was then still very much a “regional” music scene made up of producers and DJs who are today widely regarded as some of the best in the world. Many of them made some of their best early records for Dan and Metamorphic; among the ones that I inquired about by name in my interview with Dan Curtin about Metamorphic’s return was the finely-cut jazzy Techno of Embryonic, by Titonton:

… It’s true that those releases like Embryonic EP are in the past but they were so original and so unique and futuristic that it doesn’t matter. They really stand on their own feet and are timeless – or even still forward looking. People love them for that.

Remarkably, Embryonic has never been reissued after the initial pressing, so it’s good news all around to hear that’s no longer the case. has added Titonton’s Embryonic to its pre-order section and it’s a sad cliche to fall back on but every year really does hammer home how far ahead Titonton and other purveyors of fine Techno were at the time by how much better these records sound.