Few producers working in Deep House can claim a more bold or distinctive sound ID than Trinidadian Deep, who has carved out a role for himself with a foundation of jazz and the music of his native land influencing the best of Chicago and New York City’s Deep House legacy.

A new EP, Native Rising, is a cure for the anodyne and somewhat monotonous corner that Soulful House paints itself into every few years, when tracks begin to share so many qualities that a 60 minute set sounds like a remix maxi of the same song over and over again. Trinidadian Deep’s productions are characterized by virtuoso keys and these three tracks are no exception, starting with “Native Bush” – a storm of energy underneath the hood – and continuing on the real standout track here, “Inside You.”

Native Rising is to be the sixth release from Chicago’s Perpetual Rhythms (Perp #5 was just released a few days ago and features Chicago legend Brian Harden), a label that with just a half dozen releases has established itself as one of the strongest in the city. No release date at the moment but you can probably get updates here.