Moog Music today released five interesting video tutorials illustrating how to use Ableton’s new CV Tools Pack to control electronic hardware instruments, including their own Mother-32 analog synthesizer and DFAM analog percussion synthesizer.

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CV Tools Pack are a collection of ten Max for Live devices that enable producers and engineers to quickly sync, modulate, trigger and play modular hardware with Ableton Live:

Control Voltage, abbreviated CV, is an analog method for controlling electronic hardware instruments. Developed for synthesizers in the 1960s by both Bob Moog and Don Buchla (working independently on opposite coasts of the United States), CV empowered early electronic musicians to create organic evolving electronic patches.

After the introduction of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) in 1983, the use of CV declined and eventually all but disappeared as analog synthesizers were replaced by their digital counterparts. But you never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and just like vacuum tubes and magnetic tape, modular synthesizers (and the CV standard) have come back in a big way.


The video tutorials:

Mother-32 | Modulate your synth with CV Tools

Modulate your Eurorack format synthesizer using CV Tools’ CV LFO device and a DC coupled audio interface. You can call up multiple CV modulators on a single audio track, stacking CV LFOs and Modulation Envelopes to create expressive analog modulations.


DFAM | Build a synth drum rack using CV Tools

Follow along to learn how to extract audio from a CV Tools sync’d Eurorack format synthesizer to design your own custom drum rack of synthesized drum samples.


DFAM | Calibrate Ableton’s CV Tools to your synth

Learn how to calibrate the CV Instrument device in Ableton’s CV Tools to control the oscillators of your Eurorack format synthesizer for spot-on tracking across multiple octaves.


DFAM | Play your synth from Push using CV Tools

Learn how to use the CV Instrument device Ableton’s CV Tools pack to control your Eurorack format synthesizer from Ableton using analog Pitch and Gate control voltages.


DFAM | How to Tempo Sync your synth with Ableton Using CV Tools

Learn how to set up your Eurorack format synthesizer as an External Audio instrument in Ableton Live while syncing to Ableton’s clock using the CV Clock Out device from Ableton’s CV Tools.

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