BeatBox is a Drum Machine in a Cardboard Box

The instagram sensation is now available on Kickstarter.

BeatBox – the DIY drum machine housed in a literal cardboard box – became a viral sensation when some short videos debuted on Kickstarter earlier this year. And now you can get one.

The Austin, TX-based Rhythmo launched the BeatBox on Kickstarter today. In one day the DIY drum machine has it’s nearly met its $50,000 goal.

BeatBox is a low cost and portable, designed for beginning musicians and students and ordinary music nerds. Videos on Instagram and taken at January’s NAMM show (where the BeatBox team showed up in a booth made entirely out of cardboard) went viral as people couldn’t seem to get enough of the paper housing and big plastic arcade-style buttons that looks like a cartoon drawing of an MPC.

Rhythmo describes BeatBox as a “cost-effective, yet no compromise, all-in-one solution to get you a quick start in making music. With on-board amplifier, speaker and battery assemblies, included sound-packs and tutorials, Beatbox saves you the trouble of getting additional equipment and guidance to start.”

Some assembly is required – BeatBox comes as a kit rather than a completed product – though Rhythmo claims it takes less than an hour and there’s no soldering involved. (Which would be rather dangerous on a cardboard container when you think about it.)

The Kickstarter tiers include a 25% discount if you buy a BeatBox during the next 35 days that the crowdfunding campaign is active.


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