#Gearporn The Defoss Logigram Turntable is the Most Swoon-Worthy Platter of 2019

Turntable design that Dieter Rams would love.

You know those photos you see on social media – the pictures of minimalistic but highly engineered stereos, radios and turntables that make the gloomy record boys and record girls swoon?

The Logigram turntable is maybe the most swoon-worthy audio product of 2019. Manufactured by DEFOSS, the Italian company has leveraged crowdfunding to bring this sexy beast to market.

The Logigram boasts a minimal number of parts, including a tonearm 3D printed as a single piece, from the cartridge platform to the counterweight stub.

Incredibly for such a slick unit, prices begin at $475. Even if the claims about audio quality don’t pan out, that’s a fantastic price for a quality home turntable.

The Logigram is now in production and according to the latest update is expected to debut in April 2019.

Logigram in Black (Photo: Marcelo Gomes, supplied)