Flame Orange Maschine Mk3

Native Instruments is celebrating ten years of Maschine, it’s hardware/software digital audio workstation with a limited edition “Flame Orange” colored Maschine Mk3.

The first Maschine was released in April 2009 with the release of the Maschine software and the first iteration of the hardware Maschine – a beat-making controller with its signature MPC-like finger pads and powerful sound sampling and manipulation capabilities.

Native Instruments has released a few videos with music luminaries exploring the impact of Maschine on their sound:

As part of the 10th anniversary event, Native Instruments is also releasing a special “Flame Orange” limited edition Maschine Mk3. Only 100 individually numbered Flame Orange Maschine Mk3s will be produced. The limited edition Mk3 apparently functional identically to any other Mk3 of its kind, though we have to admit it looks pretty mf’ing fly.

Sadly they’re not giving the Flame Orange Maschine Mk3 away – they cost $649 according to Native Instruments’ website. The drop date and pre-order instructions will be announced on Native Instruments’ mailing list.