Moog launches Animoog Z free for iOS and macOS

The new iteration of their first professional synth launched today...

Moog Music’s synthesizer app Animoog has been reborn as an app for iOS and macOS.

Animoog Z, the “evolved iteration” of Moog’s first professional synth for iOS, launched today and is available in the App Store.

Animoog Z is a 16 voice polyphonic synth powered by Moog’s Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), “an exciting Moog technology that allows you to move through the X, Y, and Z axes of unique timbres to create an expressive and constantly evolving soundscape.”

Animoog Z captures the immediate and intuitive experience of Moog synthesizers and applies it to the modern digital paradigm, enabling you to quickly sculpt incredibly fluid sounds that live, breathe, and evolve as you play. Use Animoog Z’s built-in keyboard to control pitch and pressure per voice (or send MIDI out), or connect your favorite MPE controller and explore Animoog Z’s MPE-compliant sound engine.


The original Animoog app was downloaded more than 700,000 times, according to a press release from Moog.

Animoog Z is free to download; it is $9.99 to unlock the full app and $4.99 each for three enhancements (Fundamental Elements, Evolving Oscillations and Outer Orbits).

Moog introduced the product with a short demo by Suzanne Ciani inside her seaside home studio, showcasing the “sonic character of Animoog Z integrated with her Buchla modular system,” as well as with this intro video: