The best lain plans of men and marketing were lain waste in early January when a Polish music magazine jumped the gun and leaked a photograph of Moog’s new machine. The photos orbited the planet a few times and lead to speculation that turned out to be accurate: that Moog was building a successor of sorts to its Sub Phatty machine.

The Subsequent 25 was (officially) unveiled a couple of weeks later, emitting a deep, burbling sound that belies its tiny size. The Subsequent 25 synth is less than two feet wide, a size at which the keys (25 of them, of course) appear to be almost toy-like. But make no mistake: it packs a wallop and will spank your bare ass with the sheer heaviness of the basslines it’s able to generate.

The two-note paraphonic synth features two oscillators, a sub-oscillator and a noise generator, plus a Multidrive circuit to build upon and extend “well beyond the original grit and growl” of the Sub Phatty.

The Subsequent 25 was launched with an original film with music by Flying Lotus (above), which is pretty impressive way to introduce anything — even toothpaste or roach killer. The Subsequent 25 is retailing for $849.