Patch Base’s Synth Editor Collection Expands to the Mac

The vault of synth patch editors and librarians has made the migration from iPad app to the Mac desktop.

Acclaimed patch editor and library Patch Base is joining the growing field of apps that began in iOS and on iPads and have migrated back to the Mac.

Patch Base from CoffeeShopped is a collection of patch editors for an array of popular synthesizers, including Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Casio, Oberheim, Ensoniq, and more. The patch editors allow you to save, edit and organize parameters and settings for synthesizers with a huge amount of them built in.

There used to be a whole lot of apps like this, but the time-consuming process of testing and debugging against dozens of synths tends to require more resources than a single dev or small company can manage. It’s good to see CoffeeShopped making a decent business out of this and, it would seem, thriving.

Patch Base is free to install but using it for any serious activity will probably require the dreaded in-app purchase to unlock features. For just one synth, the app will bill you $39.99 per synth, which is quite a lot. “All Access” for multiple synths is available as a monthly ($7.99) or annual ($79.99) subscription.

Patch Base provides synching via iCloud (including from patches already saved with the iPad version) and requires MacOS High Sierra or above. Backward compatibility with Sierra and El Capitan are said to be in the works.