Upgrade with confidence, or at least only minor terror.

You can cross off one list of apps from the OS X incompatibility list.

Pioneer has unveiled a series of patches on Thursday which fix incompatibility between six of their controllers, mixers and DJ systems with El Capitan, Apple’s latest iteration of OS X.

The patches cover the DDJ-RZ and DDJ SZ DJ Controllers, the DJM-S9 and DJM-900SRT DJ Mixers and the XDJ-RX and XDJ-AERO DJ Systems.

Pioneer had previously warned again upgrading your desktop or laptop OS from OS X Yosemite to OS X El Capitan after initial testing lead to a series of crashes and other compatibility problems with several Pioneer software products.

The patches are available at the following links:

Pioneer recommends upgrading to OS X El Capitan first and then updating the drivers to ensure a successful install of El Capitan.

Drivers for other Pioneer products affected by incompatibility issues with El Capitan are promised before the end of December.


  1. FINALLY. It is ridiculous how long it’s taken companies like Pioneer and
    Numark to fix up their software. El Cap betas were out months and
    months ago.

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