Pioneer is now making DJ performance software, and they really want you to try it.

Rekordbox DJ – Pioneer’s own DJ software – is now available by monthly subscription.

Pioneer has long been offering their Rekordbox software for free download. Rekordbox is well-regarded as a management and organization library in the industry.

Rekordbox 4.0 remains a free download (right at this link). But whether because they tired of licensing DJ software from other companies for use with their hardware or simply to totally integrate the hardware/software experience when using their products, Pioneer began developing their own DJ software to rival Traktor and the like.

Enter: Rekordbox DJ. The “DJ” part means many things (a $9.90 monthly fee among them), but it chiefly signifies the company’s new approach. Teaser videos have shown the software accomplishing an impressive list of feats, including split screen, 2 and 4 deck support, and top notch previewing (not to mention benefiting from the cuepoints and other management tools for users of Rekordbox), all while boasting compatibility on a long list of DJ units.


Eager to spread Rekordbox DJ adoption, Pioneer has introduced a new monthly subscription package for only $9.90/month (the outright purchase price is $129) which suggests that Pioneer expects many DJs to kick the tires before jumping full-in on Rekordbox DJ. The offer, along with a slick introduction, is available at the revamped Rekordbox site.


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