Here We Go: Rekordbox Launches Streaming Integration

DJs can now stream live from Beatport and SoundCloud's catalogs for a price.

Pioneer’s flagship rekordbox software pushed their latest update today which offers “seamless integration” with Beatport and SoundCloud‘s streaming DJ platforms.

Rekordbox 5.6.1 allows users to play tracks from SoundCloud Go+1 and Beatport LINK. Both platforms require additional subscriptions and have been covered by 5 Mag somewhat relentlessly.

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This latest update to rekordbox permits users to utilize the same BPM, key and waveform tools available to downloaded music in rekordbox, including saving cues and loops. Users can also “browse the charts compiled by each platform for different genres of music” via the rekordbox app, which sounds like a useful feature for open format DJs.

The latest version of rekordbox is available for download here. Rekordbox is not free, and as with Beatport and SoundCloud, it appears the final indignity of the dance music industry will be to redistribute the last money assigned to people that make music to tools that offer novel ways of playing them.