Sennheiser doesn’t pay us — we’re being upfront about that — but the HD 25 line is far and away our headphones of choice. As a measure of quality, Sennheiser’s HD 25s are an industry standard in an industry which has forgotten most of the standards it once had.

And after 30 years, Sennheiser is introducing a new variation. The Sennheiser HD 25 LIGHT is, as the name implies, a load off your shoulders with a simplified, minimalist headband. Inside the closed cups however Sennheiser is dropping the original HD 25 capsules for the sound signature of the deluxe HD 25 model at a low cost.

The HD 25 LIGHT Is being proposed as an entry point into the Sennheiser ecosystem, with the lighter design accompanied by a less expensive price. They’re retailing at €99 overseas and $99.95 in the United States.

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