Sennheiser has always been hands down the clearest, best sounding headphones in the market. No other headphones can stand next to them in terms of sound quality. The only challenge I’ve had in the past was really the design: most of the models had smaller, more fitted cups that could often feel a little restrictive.

Well, along comes the beauty of a Sennheiser HD8 DJ. The ear pieces are bigger and roomier, very comfortable with cushioned cups that feel good on the ears. The headphones are easily collapsible and include both coiled and straight Kevlar reinforced cables that are detachable and can be connected to either left or right ears. These new over-ear cans manage to be light, flexible, and most importantly, durable.

The drivers have a massive 8Hz-30kHz frequency range, the sound needless to say is impeccable as always.

Everything comes inside a beautifully designed hardshell nylon case in black with a handle. Inside the case they also provide you with an extra pair of ear cushions. Thank you Sennheiser!


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