Wearing your sound system on you is not a new idea, but the execution of it is key. The Subpac makers are connoisseurs of sound, truly serious about the quality that comes out from their systems.

So what exactly is a Subpac? The idea is that sound is not only meant to be heard but also FELT. And when producers are testing out their new tracks, they only get 1/10th of the entire visceral experience of hearing a song resonating throughout the club. The same can be said for listeners who want to take their listening experience one step further. People who have tried this swear by it.

So take the Subpac, a backpack completely outfitted with speakers that can mimic said experience and gives you the vibrations to feel the song. With its immersive experience, you connect it to gear and devices you already have. The Subpac is completely silent to the outside world, meant to be used with headphones. They have proprietary tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes that enable you to go to the next step of virtual reality. Strap this guy on and you will be transported to the club… a tiny black box attached to the straps picks up the signals from your mixer, iPhone or computer and converts them into vibrations and the bass thumps through our chest and reverberates throughout your entire body. There’s even an intensity dial which allows you control on the amount of vibrations. And trust me, the higher levels can be quite intense to say the least. And no, it’s not just a vibrator on your back. The sound actually goes through your body. It’s an unreal experience.

The extent of this technology is not limited to the club experience but also to gaming and movies. And in terms of endorsements, they have the big names such as Richie Hawtin standing firmly behind them. Hawtin said that “by introducing the physical dimension of sound, the Subpac creates a direct connection between the fan and the music in its purest form, allowing a deeper appreciation for the music we all love. As with all Plastikman albums, there is a lot of sonic information in the lower frequency range that make the SUBPAC a perfect listening accompaniment in order to fully appreciate the experience.”

Legends x SubPac from SubPac on Vimeo.

Word was that the Beats by Dre tried to buy this from them, but they refused to lower their quality in order to make the product more economically accessible.

Subpac’s Wearable Bass System is available for a pretty reasonable $299 and the Seatback System accessory for only $99.

  • New materials and design for enhanced vibratory field and impact.
  • New optimized tactile transducers for improved accuracy and energy efficiency.
  • New ergonomic shape for maximum body contact and comfort.
  • Nano silver treated materials to control bacteria and odor from active use.
  • Slimmer control box with dedicated placement points on the unit.
  • Flexible control cable for greater ease of movement.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 input with A2DP streaming.
  • High capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery now runs 6+ hours per charge.


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