The Bob Moog Foundation annual raffle is here. In fact, it’s wrapping up next week and the prize this time around is absolutely priceless.

One very lucky winner will receive a vintage Minimoog signed by music legend Stevie Wonder. The “signature” consists of two fingerprints from Mr. Wonder-Full encased in plexiglass on the front panel of the instrument. (Note that the language is careful to note this isn’t Stevie Wonder’s Minimoog, per se, but one he’s played on.)

Vintage Minimoog Model D’s run for between $4,500 and $6,000 on places like Reverb and eBay. One signed by Stevie Wonder, the Moog Foundation says, “is considered priceless.”

The Minimoog (serial number: 8207) has been restored and is in proper working condition.

The raffle is open to the world until 11:59pm on April 22, 2019 or until the 5,000 allotment of tickets are sold. Tickets to enter the raffle begin at $25 each, with some bulk discounts.

There are rules and regulations and they’re a headache and can be read here.

The annual raffle by the Moog Foundation often features Moog, Inc’s highly prized synthesizers and gear. Last year the Foundation offered up a Memorymoog, a Moog Source, and a Moog Rogue for first, second and third prizes.

Keyboardist Thomson Knoles explores the sound of the Stevie Wonder-signed Minimoog: