5Chicago.com is Now 5Mag.net

We're still in Chicago and we're still about House. We just moved to 5mag.net.

A bit of meta for our readers who may have followed us to this site from an old link or post: 5 Mag has moved from our historic domain at 5chicago.com to our new home at 5mag.net.

Rest assured there has been no change in the people behind 5 Magazine or the type of music we cover: we’re still here, and it’s still house, techno, and underground electronic music in general.

When we began 5 Magazine in 2005, we searched online (using Network Solutions, I think) for any domains close to our name. By this point, of course, nearly every word in the dictionary had been registered by domain squatters. We were pretty attached to “5 Mag” and the logic that you would go so far as to change your company name if the domain wasn’t available wasn’t one we shared. So we grabbed a few different domains and settled on “5chicago.com” for our primary one.

(That was a mistake, actually, which became apparent every time I heard someone call us “5 Chicago Magazine.”)

“5 Chicago Magazine” actually wasn’t a bad description of us in the first couple of years or so, but our focus rather quickly grew beyond the city we live in to the wider world. The name “5 Mag” alone is a far more accurate description of what 5 Mag has been for the last 10 years of its existence.

Domain squatting hasn’t been reined in since 2005, and so we were thrilled to be able to find a four letter domain like “5mag” available. And here we are. You’re in the right place and so are we.

Our old domain, 5chicago.com, still exists but all links have been redirected to this one. Emails sent to the old domain are fine and will be for the future – one winds up in a lot of address books in 13 years and we don’t intend to change that. We’ve also moved to a secure server (the “https” in the URL above) and one with a new host which boasts noticeable faster speeds, which is pretty nice too. It seems that all of the old links should work and redirect to new ones here, but you notice any pages missing or things out of place or that look funny, please email us at info@5chicago.com (see?)

We’re still here, thanks for being here too.