Another big issue of 5 Mag – 5 Magazine Issue 162 – is out now, featuring two mixes, a podcast and three of the most inspiring interviews we’ve published this year. Here’s what’s inside:

On The Cover

D’Marc Cantu: The journey, the passion and reigniting a pure love for music: Lauren Krieger sits down for a fascinating talk with D’Marc Cantu for this month’s essential interview.

Also In This Issue

Station H: Episode 5. Will Sumsuch, Richard Earnshaw and DJ Deeka recorded live from the Brighton Music Conference.

Nat Wendell: A 5 Mag Mix. Dustin Kinney talks to UK born/Berlin-based producer and DJ Nat Wendell of Depth of My Soul on why his heart draws to that deep jacking goodness.

T. Williams: A 5 Mag Mix. And another great 5 Mag Mix from another UK sensation, recognizing strong releases on Strictly Rhythm, Madhouse and more.

Prince Airick. Part commentator, part performer, part Ballroom ambassador, Prince Airick is setting out to present his music and the celebration of queer culture loud and proud. by Czarina Mirani.

Christopher Coe is Making Music Out of Mountains. Under his Digital Primate moniker, Irishman Christopher Coe has one of the most diverse bodies of work you could ask for. His new album, MNTNS of SLNC, the first under his own name and the first release from brand new label Awesome Sound Wave, is his most personal work to date. by Tristan Dominguez.

Plus new music and reissues from Ben Sims, Danny J Lewis, Gene Hunt (Inner Shift Music), Lauren Flax & DJ Heather (Apollo Music Group), Lone Dancer (Jacktone), Minor Rain (Loodma), Modula, Nonames & Zed Bias (Tru Thoughts), Pitto (Heist), Rick Wade (Nuphuture Traxx), Ron Trent, Shawn Rudiman (Pittsburgh Tracks), Sy Sez (Peppermint Jam), Sylvester & Kon, Ted Taylor (TK Disco), Tee Mango (AUS Music), Rahaan on West End and more.

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