Welcome to issue 165 of 5 Magazine. Some big changes are afoot this issue, with a massive design overhaul and a dramatic expansion of our content (now up to a record 78 pages!)

We redesigned 5 Mag from top to bottom, rethinking some content and adding major sections. More changes (for the better) are to come in the next several issues. We’re excited and look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s what’s inside issue 165:

On The Cover

Producer, Remixer, Educator: we’ve been the biggest fans of Danny J. Lewis over the years in all of his guises. His productions – stretching back to a discography of Garage and Deep House classics to the present – never cease to amaze with their quality and dancefloor prowess. We’re pleased to present this exclusive profile of one of the true legends of the underground by 5 Mag’s Czarina Mirani.

Also In This Issue

Off The Record Podcast. Editor Czarina Mirani has an ultra revealing interview with Smartbar’s former talent buyer Nate Manic on what went on behind the scenes of one of the biggest and most influential clubs in the world.

Discograph: UKR. Roman Zawodny talks to 5 Mag about the philosophy behind the UKR label, with a free download of a full EP for 5 Mag Members.

Aakmael. From his first release on a Chicago label, to cracking the top 20 of Traxsource Deep House artists last year, DJ Aakmael is slowly, steadily making his mark on the lexicon of house. Interview by Dustin Kinney.

The Music Industry Is a Cargo Cult. Will Streaming Make Record Labels Obsolete? Spotify & Apple are cutting out the middlemen.

Pirate Booty. Meet the new outlaws of the airwaves. Like everything else, you can find them on YouTube.

Black Coffee Wants to Make the Music Industry Work for Africa. Four years in the making, the South African dance music star is putting his activism on the line with a new platform made by and for Africa called GongBox.

808: The History of an Error. The first in a series on classic dance music gear focuses on the most classic of them all.

Almost 808. 12 classic (and new) hardware clones of Roland’s iconic drum machine.

Station H Podcast. Episode 7 with Will Sumsuch & Harold Heath.

New releases & reissues from Rick Wilhite, Lovebirds, Stee Downes + Lay-Far, British Rhythm Services (Pressed For Time), Bernadette Trax, DJ Aakmael (Deso Records), Staniz (Ampispazi Records), Izzy La Vague (Nylon Trax), Ralf Gum, Specter (Sound Signature), Wyndell Long (Dawn Notes), Santiago Salazar, CMD (Jacktone), Lil’Tal, Vincent Floyd, Bernard Badie (Jupiter4 Records), Back For Good (Turn it Down), Fess Grandiose, Galaxy 80, Tru Thoughts & more.

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