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On The Cover:

Forward: A Conversation with Robert Hood. – Every single line of this is an inspiration. Tristan Dominguez profiles the legendary Detroit icon Robert Hood on faith, creativity and the power of electronic music. Photos of Robert Hood by Marie Staggat.

New 5 Mag Mixes from Rasmus Faber and Natasha Kitty Katt.

Jozef K. – “I Love That No Matter What Bullshit Is Going On In the World, People Are Still Making Sick As Fuck Tunes Day In & Out.” Jozef K talks opera, gloomcore and Boiler Room comments with 5 Mag’s Harold Heath.

Remute: Technoptimism. – Denis Karimani releases his music on exotic formats ranging from 45s to floppy disks and Sega game cartridges. Harold Heath wants to know why.

Discograph: DJ 3000 and the Story of Motech. – Ben Sims, Santiago Salazar, Gerald Mitchell, Fabrice Lig, Robert Hood – these are just a few of the best and brightest techno producers in the world that have left a trace of their art in the back catalog of Motech. (Includes exclusive unreleased track from Motech’s back catalog.)

SELECT: Four Records from Motech. – For the second part of our celebration of Motech Records nearly 20 year history, DJ 3000 walks us through the story behind four classic cuts from the Motech back catalog.

For All Mankind: Electronic Music on the Moon. – On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing, we consider three records and three different approaches to dramatizing the first man on the Moon.

New music and reissues from Mike Agent X Clark (No Speakers), Alton Miller (The Playground), Romanthony, Danny J Lewis and Marc Cotterell (Plastik People), JTC (Spectral Sound), Frankie Knuckles, Eric Kupper and Kenny Summit (Good For You), Jacksonville (Inner Shift), UVB76 (Tabernacle), Jean-Michel Jarre (Astralwerks), Synthemesc, Phuture Shock Music and more.

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