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Cinthie. – “Everything I’ve made I made myself so no one can take it away from me.” 5 Mag is thrilled to present Krystal Rodriguez’s profile of Berlin native Cinthie on the DJ/producer’s unusual journey to the forefront of the house music scene. Photos by Marie Staggat.

Born Into This: Chicago House with Stripped & Chewed. – Every city needs a record label like Stripped & Chewed. Chicago is just lucky enough to have the original.

The Culture with Marshall Applewhite. – Only in the Midwest – and really, only in a city like Detroit – could you find a producer and DJ like Marshall Applewhite. The Detroit artist on the culture of DJing and an exclusive new 5 Mag Mix.

Matt Masters: neverendingnights. – Freerange’s Matt Masters is stepping out from behind the scenes with a new LP of his own. (Features a new 5 Mag Mix mix.)

Purged. – A discredited economic theory is still guiding the decisions of most digital music labels today – even if they don’t know it. This is the dumb theory of the Long Tail and how a tsunami of shitmusic destroyed it.

Gear, reviews, new music and reissues from Dego (2000 Black), Dusky (17 Steps), Lea Lisa & Kerri Chandler (Wolf Music Recordings), Liquid Earth (TerraFirm), Lydia Eisenblätter (OAM), Sean McCabe (Good Vibrations), Two Thou & Hobby Horse (Roots Underground), Ed Nine (NDATL), Roberto Corvino (Antistatic Records), Honeydripper (Nordic Trax), Alton Miller, Amp Fiddler and Kyle Hall (Noble Square) and more.

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