The Reflex, Amy Douglas, James Duncan, Shamrock Guitor and a tribute to the late Michael Zucker inside the latest issue of 5 Magazine out now.

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Here’s what’s inside:

🔴 The Reflex: The Art of Nostalgia. This month’s cover story: Krystal Rodriguez talks to Nicolas Laugier, aka The Reflex, whose DJing and meticulous production process is remixing the art of nostalgia. Photos by Louis Headlam.

🔴 There Was A Genius Named Michael Zucker. The owner of Finale Sessions was the epitome of a great 21st century underground label owner. He was an even better person.

🔴 TheMic: Amy Douglas is a Singer, Songwriter & Professional Bad Influence. “Without singing, there is no me. I have no purpose, beyond singing and songwriting.” Harold Heath talks to the amazing vocalist Amy Douglas, whose work can be heard on records by Horse Meat Disco and Soul Clap, for Hot Creations and DFA and most recently as the writer for Róisin Murphy’s “Something More.”

🔴 Innermoods: The James Duncan Interview. On the jazz side, James Duncan has jammed with Mark Edwards, Sabir Mateen and even sax god Ornette Coleman, but it’s his dance music productions that have been turning heads. Bruce Tantum talks to the Brooklyn-based producer and trumpet player in a new 5 Mag interview.

🔴 The Unapologetic African Sounds of Shamrock Guitor. His impeccable fusion of an all-African melody with a dash of house music derivatives makes Shamrock’s music production a true jewel. Kayibiza LOunge talks to the South African guitarist and producer and founder of the new label Gotto Records.

🔴 Support People, Not Brands. If we say we care about the history of this music, we need to stop enabling the ones who fucked it up.

🔴 Fidget Lab: Fall Gear Round-Up. Pioneer picks a strange moment to launch a CDJ that can’t play CDs, a stand-alone Maschine, Sennheiser tries the earbud business again, Arturia has a new key/controller and an AI app that might actually live up to the hype.

🔴 Music Reviews. New music from Specter (Into The Deep), Patrice Scott (Sistrum), Hifi Sean, Paris Grey & Ralphi Rosario (Plastique Recordings), Byron The Aquarius (Apron Records), Gene Hunt, Ed Nine, G Marcell and Hakim Murphy (Tales), Oona Dahl (Watergate), Lay-Far (Lumberjacks in Hell), Detroit’s Filthiest (Casa Voyager), Sable Blanc (Salin Records), Snips (Barbershop), 30303 (Vault Wax), Baltimore Chop and Lana J (PRGVSK), Ciara B (Techniche) and Black Cadmium (Ovum).

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