The future is now: inside 5 Mag issue 193 featuring Öona Dahl, Boiler Room, Art of Tones, More Ghost Than Man and more, out today.

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Here’s a preview of what’s inside the latest 5 Mag:

🔴 #CoverStory: Öona Dahl. If sound is a vessel, the music of Öona Dahl is the alien landscape we find after crash landing. The shockingly innovative artist talks to 5 Mag’s Lauren Krieger about self-discovery, invention, and coming out of the other side of quarantine with her new album, Morph. Cover photo by Alicia Frew.

🔴 Boiling Point. Fueled by grant money and venture capital, Boiler Room’s wild ride shows that the underground is alive — and for sale.

🔴 The Worlds He Made Here. We’ll start with this: Terry Grant is a genius, and the sound and film from his More Ghost Than Man project are works of a chilling, haunting beauty.

🔴 Im/Print: Art of Tones on the Launch of his new label Palp. All hail the “All Night Brotherhood” — the debut release from a new label called Palp. The imprint founded by Ludovic Llorca is leading off with several EPs by Llorca’s acclaimed Art of Tones project, focusing on disco, house, and deep house.

🔴 Catalyst: My life in Analog Hell. Ed Martinez is a producer that built the studio of his dreams, outfitted with thousands of dollars worth of analog gear. And then found he couldn’t write a note.

🔴 Music Reviews 193. New music and reissues by LADYMONIX, Ian Pooley (Rekids), James Welsh (Kneaded Pains), D3070 (Cyberdome), Kalabrese (rumpelmusig), Soela (Cin Cin), Dave Lee (Z Records), Berlin’s GEGEN, Quick and Smart (Don’t Recordings), Ed Nine, Dan Ryan, Kid Enigma, Chicago Skyway (Groove Access), Third Son (Hot Haus Recs), Mark de Clive-Lowe, Dimension 23 (Spray), Sept (Voxnox Records), Pinky2Dye4 (Moods & Grooves), Ralph Session and RVDS (Couldn’t Care More).

🔴 In Rotation 193 Short cuts, callbacks and oddities from KemeticJust presents Just One (People Of Earth), Felipe Gordon (Local Talk), Solid Gold Playaz (Freerange), Hieroglyphic Being (Neroli), Tour-Maubourg & Christophe Salin, Brian Kage & Delano Smith, Ninna V, Pigsie (Dutchie Music), Yeti Mind Tricks (Motech), Jeremy Sylvester and Bryan Chambers, Sir LSG ft NutownSoul (GOGO Music) and LaMverte (Les Enfers).


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