Live from Detroit with Norm Talley in the new issue of 5 Mag, out today.

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Here’s a preview of what’s inside the latest 5 Mag:

🔴 #CoverStory: It’s the end of the year and it’s a time of praise. For this issue’s cover story we talk to Detroit’s Norm Talley on his breathtaking new label Upstairs Asylum, widely regarded as one of the best deep house labels of the past year, which was also its first year. The label cranked out secret weapons and dancefloor-ready tracks at an incredible rate in 2021, and there’s no sign of slowing down with some white hot releases in the pipeline for the new year. (Photos by the amazing Marie Staggat.)

🔴 #CoverMix: Also in this issue, we have a cover mix and profile of French DJ and producer Lea Lisa — primarily a DJ, but whose records on Wolf Music, Inner Balance and other labels have turned a whole lot of heads. Another of our deep house favorites from 2021, Lea sat down for an interview and also put together our latest cover mix for you.

🔴 #TheTeardown: Gautham Garg is one of the youngest artists we’ve ever profiled in 5 Mag. That’s not why we spoke to him, though. If you listen to his records you’ll hear the kind of spirited, authentic techno that has attracted generations of electronic music producers from the American Rust Belt. Under the name Decoder he released a full length album on Jeff Mills’ Axis in 2021, and breaks down for us his EP for Fixed Rhythms under his alias Cratan.

🔴 #Assembly: 5 Mag reviews new research that breaks into the black box of streaming revenue in an attempt to answer why, despite the billions of dollars flooding into streaming, all of our friends are still broke. The truth of the matter: Streaming is making people into millionaires, and almost none of them are musicians.

🔴 #Assembly: Also, 5 Mag revisits for possibly the last time the botched rollout of the SVOG or Save Our Stages Act – the program designed to keep nightlife venues afloat during and after lockdowns. A year after Congress approved $16 billion, we find that nearly a third of all applicants have been denied and the government is still holding on to billions of dollars in aid while rejected venues sue the government to try to stay alive.

🔴 #Tracks: We have a ton of new music to show you in this issue, from Malik Alston (The Jazz Diaries), Deep88, Posthuman (Balkan Vinyl), Tee Mango (Aus), Gari Romalis (Nicepeople), Session Victim (Toy Tonics), Drew Sky, John Beltram (MotorCity Wine), Jonno & Tommo (Ornate Music), Pato y Pato, Snazzy Traxx, M. Hook (Star Creature), The Analog Session (Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky), Monty Luke, Clive From Accounts (Razor-N-Tape), SPEKTRALSOUND, Jovonn (Body’N Deep), Gigi Testa, Claude Young (NDATL), Cutmaster Ace (Shuffle’n’Swing), Kalahari Oyster Cult, Rico Herrera (Roots Underground), Franck Roger (Real Tone Records), Lugovskiy, Miles Fontaine, Ja’Shay (Z Records), HDSN, Gratts with Robert Owens (Inner Balance) and more.


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Photo by Marie Staggat.


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