Louie Vega’s love letter to NYC nightlife, the legend and Gil Scott-Heron collaborator Brian Jackson, Beretta Music and more all inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out today.

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Here’s what’s inside the latest issue of 5 Mag:

🔴 Louie Vega: Expansions. Louie Vega’s new album Expansions in the NYC is not just a love letter to the city and its music scene, but showcases the melting pot of music found in NYC and the everlasting love of those who have been blessed to be a part of it. Photo: Miguel Bautista

🔴 The Tech Bro & the Million Dollar DJ Gig. The spectacular implosion of a tech startup called “Fast” reveals how venture capital, start-ups and influencer culture are burning up the EDM scene.

🔴 This is Brian Jackson. Best known for his revolutionary collaboration with Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson is one of the most influential musicians in the history of pop. This is how he found new inspiration.

🔴 Beretta / Select. A profile of the Detroit label on its 20th anniversary with Brian Kage and Ryan Sadorus.

🔴 Bandcamp Under Threat of a Google Purge. Surprising no one, Bandcamp but especially the artists that rely on it are now caught in the middle of its new owner’s battle against Google and Apple’s app stores.

🔴 Spotify Launches Fan Support for Artists. Spotify making a pro-artist move? Nah. The music streaming platform is attempting to lure livestreaming artists back from Twitch and YouTube by enabling fan donations.

🔴 Prolific, productive, profound: Jeff Mills in Wonderland. From Mills’ new project the Zanza 22, Wonderland finds the Detroit techno pioneer continuing his relentless pursuit of cosmic rhythms and the motherbeat.

🔴 BPitch signs Rosa Anschütz’s album Goldener Strom. Haunting, melodic and flawlessly produced, the artist’s sophomore album is out in May.

🔴 Giorgio Moroder is working on a new video game soundtrack. Vengeance Is Mine from 110 Industries features the iconic producer collaborating on the game’s theme song.

🔴 Moog Updates the Theremin for the 21st century. The first mass-produced electronic instrument gets a modern make-over.

🔴 All of Roland 50 Web Studio’s Future Instruments Revealed. Foiled by ‘View Source’ and someone with entirely too much time on their hands.

🔴 Music Reviews. New music and reissues from Mannix, Lisa Shaw, OPOLOPO and Andre Bonsor (Dafia Records), Ron Trent (Night Time Stories), Redance & Quickweave (Mystery Zone Records), Retromigration & Jimpster (wewillalwaysbealovesong), Danny J Lewis, Alex Agore (Moment of Truth), John Tejada (Palette Recordings), Lex & Locke (Delusions of Grandeur), Kurt Baggaley, Tuxedo & Funk D’Void (Particles), Sally C (Big Saldo’s Chunkers), Luke Una (Mr Bongo) and Fabian Kash (Oh! Records).

🔴 In Rotation. Music we’re vibing to from Clive From Accounts (Dirt Crew), Mike Terra, Nat Wendell & Jus Nowhere (Depths), Fort Romeau & Ron Trent (Ghostly), Cirene (Video Planet), Dream Scoring (Synapsis Records), Intr0beatz (Selections), Dave Lee & Omar (Z Records), Robert Hood (M Plant), Wardner (Metro South), Aiwaska, The Egyptian Lover, DJ Assault and Feadz (Exploited Club), Franck Roger (Real Tone) and KIMTrang (SYS Sister Sounds).


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