Our love of disco knows no bounds! 5 Mag #166 is out now, and we went a bit overboard: more than 100 pages of disco heat, profiles of legendary artists and some of the most important DJs, producers, editors and remixers on the scene today!

Here’s what’s inside issue 166:

On The Cover

Danny Krivit: Close to the Edit. If we’re going to talk about disco re-edits, let’s go back to the source, to one of the central figures in the development of re-edit culture. Harold Heath meets Danny Krivit for our disco issue cover story.


Shining Star: The Impossible, Wonderful Life of Linda Clifford. DJ- and producer-centered culture often overlooks the role of the amazing men and women who gave voice to disco. We do not. Lauren Krieger talks to one of the tireless, talented First Ladies of Disco, Lady Linda Clifford.

Dr. Packer: The Doctor is in the House. Harold Heath meets Greg Packer, aka Dr. Packer, a former drum & bass producer who switched to his first love, soul and disco, and hasn’t looked back.

Boogie Nite: Do Your Thang. If you ever wondered how a city like Chicago stays relevant in the dance music scene for 35 years straight, it’s thanks to people like Boogie Nite – a DJ who makes records with the ear of a musician and the honesty of a craftsman.

Disco Nirvana: Six edits with Nick The Record, by Harold Heath.

Discograph: Lumberjacks In Hell. So many labels have come and gone in the last five years. Lumberjacks In Hell has only grown stronger. A profile of the label’s history and aesthetic with Marcel Vogel.

Magic Box: History of the MPC. From the ashes of a failed company and a failed machine came the greatest musical instrument created since the invention of the drum machine, animated by the genius of one of America’s great inventors: Roger Linn.

404: The Internet Has A Memory Problem. Parts of electronic music history, entrusted to the internet, are slowly being erased. It turns out that the internet forgets things all the time.

Popping The Vinyl Bubble. Some data suggests the vinyl boom is about to crash. Don’t worry: it never had much to do with dance music anyway.

Spotify Wants to Stream Every Track Ever Made. Anyone up for listening to them all?

Roland Kicks off a Keytar Revival. We just couldn’t be more excited about this!

And Ending With…

New releases & reissues from the late Rick Howard, Ethyene, Intr0beatz (Just Fine), Sakhile SK (Closer to Truth), Monogram (Daphian), Tour-Maubourg (Pont Neuf), Shaka (Formlos), DJ Qness (Ocha Records), Nikki O and Javonntte (Ele), Shaun J Wright, Alinka, Justin Cudmore (Twirl), 909 Resistance (Lounge Squatt), Pearl Vision (EPM Music), Craft Recordings, Joey Negro, Z Records, Zeta Reticula (Electrix), Trees (Rubella Remasters) & more.

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