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On The Cover:

Dan Curtin: A Matter of Sound. – “When I first started I said that if I ever do something that sounds like another artist, I need to stop.” For more than 20 years, Dan Curtin has been one of the most strikingly original techno artists on the scene. For our latest cover profile, Dan talks to Tristan Dominguez about learning the craft – from the first recordings in his hometown in Ohio to Berlin where he resides in a familiar place – an artist at the epicenter of everything. (Photo: Katja Ruge.)

5 Magazine Issue 167


Ron Basejam: Disco Denizen. – Harold Heath on the alter ego of James Baron, co-founder of Crazy P and producer of “a certain brand of detailed, pristinely produced disco-tech music.”

Eddie Niguel: Three Decades of Sacred Visions. – Will Sumsuch talks to local hero Eddie Niguel on his odyssey behind the decks and the evolution of the electronic music scene in Singapore.

(Re)Introducing… 8D Industries. – Michael Donaldson is a sage. As a writer, impresario, promoter and producer (as Q-Burns Abstract Message), Donaldson been a constant fixture on the scene since the mid-1990s. 8D is not new brand either, but in 2018, it evolved again into something called “8D Industries,” a new label helmed by Donaldson which is some of the most intriguing electronic records I’ve heard this year. Here he shares some wisdom about art, artists and the lost art of promotion – and how one should measure “success” in the industry today.

Anna Tur: Live from Ibiza. – From Ohio to Berlin to the UK and Singapore, our last profile this issue takes us to Balearic Islands where Lauren Krieger finds Anna Tur practicing her craft, as a DJ, producer, owner of Illusion Music and managing director of Ibiza Global Radio TV.


Blood & Vinyl: The Weirdest Records In Music History. – Since 1948, Mankind has been obsessed by two objectives: to find an alien civilization close enough for us to attack, and with creating records out of weird materials and for unusual purposes. Here’s a handful of them: turntables for cars, for cereal boxes, records for porno mags, records for computers, CDs for turntables and, of course, records made of urine and human blood.

Is It Live? Or Is It…. – After years of failed predictions, live sets are beginning to proliferate in electronic music clubs and festivals, and live albums are also beginning to multiply. Is it a fad or the new normal?

SoundCloud Bets The Future of DJing on Streaming. – The internet wants to be a part of everything, and that includes your DJ set. Streaming is about to jump from consumers to pros, from platforms directly into the tools DJs use to spin. Are you ready?


New releases & reissues from DJ Spinna, Alex Agore, Latin Soul Brothas (Noble Square), 6th Borough Project & Lay-Far (Fifty Fathoms Deep), Mutenoise (F*CLR), Lorenz Rhode (Dirt Crew), Felix Leifur, Intr0beatz and ILO (Borg), Blair French, Aroop Roy, Topher Horn and Bamboozle (Rocksteady Disco), Petit Beurre (Motech), Aathee, Kanedo (Be Adult), Hi! Energy Records, Vikthor (Redrum Music) & more.

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