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In this issue: Bruce Tantum on American Techno maestro Shawn Rudiman, Soul Clap launches a new label, Kastle picks six from Get Right In, DJ-centric interviews and new mixes from Moppy and Melodymann and more in 5 Mag’s new Issue 170, out now.

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On The Cover:

Out of Time. – Pittsburgh’s Shawn Rudiman makes hardware-heavy techno that’s both serious-minded and seriously good, centered in a sound that’s tough as nails yet dripping with emotion. Bruce Tantum profiles Shawn for this issue’s 5 Mag cover story.


im/print: Soul Clap’s House of EFUNK. – Sometimes an idea is too big to stay in one place. While House of EFUNK began as an afterparty event during Movement Detroit in 2014, it was destined to spread its freaky, funky word to the rest of the world. Charlie and Eli from Soul Clap talk to Lauren Krieger about its evolution into the new House of EFUNK record label.

S E L E C T: 6 Records with Kastle. – Our favorite deep bass adventurer is back with an electrifying new release. DJ and producer Kastle just dropped Get Right Inside, his latest mixed compilation from Four40 Records. We asked Kastle to grab six records from Get Right Inside and tell us about them for our 5 Mag S E L E C T series.

Code Warrior: Max Mathews and the Invention of Digital Music. – At Bell Labs – the research arm of the phone company, which was the Silicon Valley of its day – an academic named Max Mathews taught his computer to sing and heralded an age “when a plumber can come home from work, turn on his home computer and make music with it.”

Mixes are back. – After getting a lot of feedback that members enjoyed first access to our 5 Mag Mixes, we brought ’em back with a revamped interview series. The Culture is about talking shop with DJs – why they do it, how they do it, where they see it going in the future. And with each installment is a new 5 Mag Mix for you.

The Culture: DJ Moppy. – We’ve posted up a few mixes from DJ Moppy in 5 Mag’s history, but this is our first extensive interview. That’s long overdue. Moppy is a DJ who has lived in Chicago and Detroit and earned the respect of the scene in both. He’s been part of DJ collectives (Boogie Munsters), production supergroups (Beyond Luck) and has polished his solo productions until they shine. In this piece we get his thoughts on the culture of DJing and premiere a new 5 Mag Mix.

The Culture: Melodymann. – Belgian label Melodymathics first came to our attention with a mix of eclectic records on wax. These 10″ records, plus some 12″ records and digital tracks have since become a fixture in 5 Mag’s review section and the sets of discriminating DJs worldwide. Melodymathics is run by Melodymann in tandem with Sabina Baert, and we’re pleased to get his thoughts on the culture of DJing circa 2019 as well as premiere a new 5 Mag Mix.

New releases & reissues from Cinthie, Ron Trent, Giovanni Damico, Jerome Baker, Luke Hess, Matt Dubspun, Unfound, Nightcrawler, Emmaculate, Leonid Nevermind, Salar Ansari & more.

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