All praise to DJ Hyperactive: Chicago’s techno godfather is back and he’s on the cover of 5 Mag issue 171, out now!

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On The Cover:

HYPERACTIVE. – You can’t measure a guy’s career by records or money alone, but by the people they’ve inspired. DJ Hyperactive is often characterized as humble, unsung and even underrated, but not by the people he’s incited to make music, play music and get involved. Memorialized as one of Daft Punk’s “Teachers,” one of the legends of the Chicago’s techno underground is back and talks to 5 Mag’s Tristan Dominguez for this issue’s cover story.


Red Rack’em: Wonky Magazine Profile. – Harold Heath talks to Scottish DJ and producer Danny Berman aka Red Rack’em, who has developed an extremely distinctive take on the house template with his unexpected musical juxtapositions.

The Culture with Manuel Tur. – There is an underlying honesty to music made and played by Manuel Tur. On his own productions it comes through as breathtaking simplicity, a clean and deeply compelling approach to making deep house music. And it shouldn’t be surprising this aesthetic spills over into his DJ style as well. We talk to Manuel Tur about the culture of DJing and debut a new 5 Mag Mix.

im/Print: Ten Trax, Memphis Techno & The Big Beat. – Will Morrow on the founding of his new label, Ten Trax, created with the notion that there’s great music being made in the Southern sector of the United States and this dirty, raw sound needs to be disseminated to the rest of the world.

New releases & reissues from Javonntte (Strictly Street Sound), Alan Dixon (Lumberjacks in Hell), Black Loops (Madhouse), Paul Cut (Silver Network), Vincent Floyd (Astrolife), Patrice Scott (Neroli), Christophe Salin, Andrea True, Paul Trouble Anderson (BBE), John Morales, Javeon & T. Williams, Nina Simone, Vin Sol (Jupiter4), Ryogo Yamamori (Ovum), Flora FM (Kalahari Oyster Cult), Wehbba & DJ Deeon (Drumcode) and more.

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