Phenomenal Handclap Band, Boddhi Satva, Milly James and more inside the latest issue of 5 Magazine out now.

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Here’s what’s inside:

🔴 Back To Life: Phenomenal Handclap Band. Daniel Collás returned to his home-base to start something new. Instead he found the re-animating spark that brought Phenomenal Handclap Band back to life. Cover photo by Ruvan Wijesooriya.

🔴 Boddhi Satva – An Ancestral Soul. Originally hailing from the Central African Republic but often acting as an ambassador for the entire continent, Boddhi Satva is one of electronic music’s true originals. Photos by Indi Nunez.

🔴 Muting the Mic. The cult of the producer and why everyone stopped writing about vocalists one day.

🔴 Years Without Summer. Our music will survive, our venues are on life support but our people are on the verge of disaster. A look at the post-COVID-19 world and the vanishing of America’s music scenes.

🔴 Space Oddity. Painting with sound: the weird history of the Soviet ANS synthesizer.

🔴 #TheMic: Something Special: An Interview with Milly James. Studio sessions, live music in a pandemic and making something special with Mike Schommer: a profile of UK vocalist Milly James.

🔴 Music Reviews.183. Music and reissues from Hugo LX (People of Earth), Lyric (M-Plant), Niko Marks, Kerrie (I Love Acid), Scape One/Kurt Baggaley, Delano Smith (Sushitech), Vincent Floyd (Nicepeople), Rissa Garcia, Blue Boy & David Penn (High Fashion), Long Island Sound (Signs of Space), Umberto (Daphian Productions), Hotevilla & Javonntte (Closer To Truth), Thorne Miller, Chris Sen & Candace Bellamy (Just Move Records), Hakim Murphy, Brigitte Barbu (Pepe Braddock, Circus Company) and more.

🔴 #TheRunOut. The Techno Agnostics: Rediscovering the Ecstasy of Phil Western & Off and Gone.

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