Huge new issue of 5 Mag featuring Tensnake, Joi Cardwell, the Death of the Packard Plant Project, making techno out of political bullshit, the Politik and more — inside the latest issue of 5 Magazine out now.

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Here’s what’s inside:

🔴 Save Yourself. Nobody is coming to save our scene, especially not the ticket brokers who launched the hashtag.

🔴 The Dream of Bringing Techno Back to Detroit’s Packard Plant Has Fizzled Out. Despite breathless media reports of art galleries, apartments, light industry and even a techno club, the Packard Plant Project has collapsed. Most of it never actually began.

🔴 Making Techno Out of Political Bullshit and Dodgy Electronic Voting Machines. Introducing Electo Electro 2020, performing nightly.

🔴 Joiful Noise. 5 Mag’s Harold Heath speaks with legendary house music vocalist, songwriter and label boss Joi Cardwell.

🔴 Tensnake: LA Stories. Six years after Glow, the German electronic music maestro is back with an intimate pop portrait of the city of LA. Photos by Katja Ruge.

🔴 The Run-Out: The Politik. Rewind to 2007 with Mark de Clive-Lowe, Bémbé Ségué and the soul music of an alternative universe.

🔴 Plus: Remembering Benji Espinoza, the sun sets for José Padilla, Will Sumsuch on one of his best new reads, and new music and reissues from DJ Steaw & Ron Trent (Phonogramme), Roberta (NDATL), Daniel Bortz (Permanent Vacation), Ralf GUM (GOGO Music), Brad P (Innershift), Norm Talley (Pariter), OPOLOPO (Local Talk), SHFFT and Garrett David, Trilaterals and Kristi Lomax (Worldship Music), DJ Q (Local Action), Casey Tucker (Fourier Transform), Herb Rhythm (Rhythm Vibe) and Sickboy (Detroit Underground).

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Top Photo by Katja Ruge.


  1. […] Speaking of my Email Newsletter → Will Sumsuch let loose a bunch of lovely words about Ringo Dreams of Lawn Care in the new issue of 5 Mag. He calls this newsletter “a neatly packaged antidote to our horrendously homogeneous musical landscape” and “like an artistic self-help guide.” Can you see me blushing through the email? I hope to live up to those accolades as I exit this break and rev back up to my weekly broadsides. Thanks, Will! The latest issue of 5 Mag is only available to subscribers right now, but you can download it for $2.99. You should! It’s rad, and, as usual for the publication, it features a lot of informative underground dance music content to grok. [LINK] […]

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