The story of As You Like It, the Bay Area residency forged in friendship and tragedy — inside the latest issue of 5 Magazine out now.

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Here’s what’s inside:

🔴 As You Like It. As You Like It is 2020’s best new record label. But it’s more than that. Their history is ours. It’s a monument to & reminder of everything we cherish about the scene — music, love, family, perseverance and survival. 5 Mag‘s Lauren Krieger talks to the people behind the iconic San Francisco residency on the history, tragedy & journey leading to the launch of As You Like It Recordings.

🔴 #TheMic with Seven Davis, Jr. “I’ve been a church boy, homeless street kid, corporate suit, addict, athlete, thug, poor, rich…” An amazing profile of vocalist and artist Seven Davis, Jr. by Harold Heath.

🔴 Selling The Future. Sponsored content is everywhere in electronic music media. Now it’s the artists’ turn to pay up.

🔴 God Said Give ‘Em a Podcast. New longform podcast series from the producers of the Detroit Techno documentary pay tribute to Mike Huckaby.

🔴 Chicago Promoters Are Banding Together During the Lockdown. From some of the people behind Radius, Prysm, Paradigm & more: Auris promises a new era of music “experiences.”

🔴 Private Equity Keeps Stabbing Guitar Center but it Still Won’t Die. Music gear is selling at a record pace but Guitar Center is broke. It’s not the pandemic that’s doing it in.

🔴 Plus: Bandcamp introduces paid livestreaming, the drum machine in a cardboard box ships for Xmas and new music and reissues from Louie Vega, Nico Lahs (Delusions of Grandeur), Deep Club, Jeremy Sylvester, Mark Flash and Detroit Techno Funk Association, Danny Krivit, DJ Rocca (Whiskey Pickle), Gari Romalis (Just Jack), Uncle_EL, Lee Pearson Jr Collective (Neroli), Ramona Yacef (Lescale Recordings), Jamie Lidell & Lorenz Rhode (Dirt Crew), The Rurals and LoFi Freq (Detroit Underground).

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Top Photo: Christina Chatfield by Brian DeSimone.