Reinvention: Our UK house heroes, Chicago techno savants, Italian deep house moguls and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now.

This issue comes in at 85 pages, featuring Dance System, Lester Fitzpatrick, Roots Underground Records, Levon Vincent, Daniel Avery, Dave Lee, Gerald VDH, Scott Hardkiss and more in one lovely little package. Cover photo by Cicely Grace.

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Here’s what’s inside the latest issue of 5 Mag:

🔴 Dance System: “I wanted to shake up the world of house music a bit” Formerly known as L-Vis 1990, James Connolly has bottled up decades of his love for the club scene into the music of his debut album, In Your System.

🔴 Lester Fitzpatrick: The Teardown. From Relief and Dance Mania to UKR and Mindburn, Lester Fitzpatrick has become one of the most prolific underground artists in Chicago and probably the world. He’s not slowing down. And this is how he does the work.

🔴 Roots Underground / SELECT. Celebrating their ten year anniversary in 2022, Marco Celeri’s Roots Underground has established itself as a completely indispensable record label for diggers of authentic, warm deep house music.

🔴 Partying on the Installment Plan. Here’s the Free Space for your dystopian bingo card: most festivals in America and many around the world will be offering some form of ticket financing this summer. What does that tell you?

🔴 #SaveOurTicketBrokers Live Nation affiliated companies received millions in funds intended for independent venues.

🔴 Congress Charters a New “Small Claims” Copyright Court. The Copyright Claims Board is set to launch next month. Here’s what artists need to know.

🔴 Levon Vincent Stalks a Ghostly Berlin on Silent Cities. The artist’s fourth album marks a stunning departure from music for clubs to music for dreams.

🔴 Daniel Avery’s “Distorted Fever Dream of a Record.” Ultra Truth is “intentionally heavy and dense… Riled, determined and alive.”

🔴 Listen Wth Love. Dave Lee to release Produced With Love II, his first album since 2017 and the first under his given name.

🔴 Hardkiss Lives. Oona Dahl, Gavin Hardkiss, David Christopher and SABO remix the Scott Hardkiss rave anthem “Raincry.”

🔴 Gerald VDH Dines Out on a Full Plate of Snacks. The phenomenal new album from the mastermind of Vienna’s MEAT MARKET is “full of gay pride” that you can feel on every track.

🔴 Reviews 199. New music reviewed: tracks from Dam Swindle, Justin Martin & Tee Mango (What To Do), Ron Basejam (Phonica White), Retromigration (LYAM), Palm Skin Productions (Tru Thoughts), Ezel & Rona Ray (Bayacou), Sofatalk & XL Regular (Outplay), Strome X Nick McCarthy (Compost), Medlar & Manuel Darquart (WOLF Music), DJ Sulli & 5657 (Hype & Soul), Makez (Heist Recordings), Souleance (First Word Records), San Mateo (8D Industries), Kylie Auldist & Tony Garcia (Vagrant Soundz) and Majorettes, Jubilee & DJ Holographic (Major Records).


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